10 Best Wi-Fi Software

It is hard to accept but is true that the internet has become an integral part of our lives. It is difficult for people to ignore internet service in day-to-day business work. About twenty years from today, the internet was available through long cable wires that were plugged into the desktops and computers to access the web. Nowadays, the internet comes to us through Wireless Fidelity which is known as Wi-Fi connections. 

Wifi allows us to connect multiple devices to the same internet connection. Nowadays, we find numerous wifi connections in nearby locations. Still, in some places, you need a LAN cable to connect to the internet. This is where the wifi software applications are useful.

In this article, we have listed some of the best wifi connection software that might suit your needs.

1. Connectify Hotspot

Connectify software is a popular hotspot creator that serves both paid and unpaid versions for its users. The unpaid version of the software allows users to share connections from other wifi or through LAN cable. The drawback of the unpaid version is that after every thirty minutes, you need to connect to the wifi connection again.

The paid version has the same features but it does not have any timeout scheme. You can also check the time and speed of the internet connection. It does not allow users to transfer files. The efficiency of the signal is stable and high. The software is available both on Android and MAC devices.

2. My WIFI Router

This application is an efficient and powerful hotspot connection creator. It can create very high and strong range signals for the users. Apart from sharing internet connections with the users, this software also allows users to transfer files to the devices that are connected to the same WiFi. My Wifi Router allows users to check the video broadcast speed.

The software is capable of sharing multiple connections like LAN, 4G, Ethernet, and other wifi connections. It is free for its users and does not contain any paid features. The software is compatible with Android and iOS devices.


3. mHotSpot

mHotSpot is a wifi-sharing app that is used by gamers for playing multiplayer games. It allows users to connect two devices where the gamers can enjoy the game with efficient and smooth internet speed. Apart from the gaming features, this application provides uninterrupted service to the users without any internet delay.

An essential feature of this software is it can identify the devices connected to the wifi. The application also allows its users to restrict unknown users by setting a strong passcode. mHotSpot is available on Windows, MAC, and Android devices.


4. My Public Wifi

It has a user-friendly interface for its users and provides a quick efficient connection to the clients. The software allows users to share the wifi connection. It can also check the website link accessed by the devices connected to the wifi connection. 

It has an efficient firewall system that can block sharing of files. My Public Wifi allows users to customize their password, name, and languages. The software is free to use and does not have any paid features. It is compatible with Windows and MAC devices.


5. Hosted Network Starter

Hosted Network Starter software is similar to a virtual router. The application does not involve any installation process. It can be stored in multiple storage devices. Users can easily use the storage device after plugging into the connection. It possesses a user-friendly interface making it easy for the users.

The application allows users to share the internet that is available from the LAN connections. It offers a list of clients and users that are connected to the PC. If the PC is not properly configured, it displays an error message. This application is supported in Windows and iOS devices. It does not contain any paid features.


6. MaryFi

MaryFi is an efficient hotspot creator application that is compatible with Windows 7 and higher versions. The software can create hotspot connections connected to gaming systems, music players, laptops, and other devices. It has a high wifi range and cuts the excess costs of the users on buying routers.

The basic UI of this application is easy to use. It also has a repeater that can connect the internet connection from one wifi to other devices. MaryFI can be used to share files from one device to another. It is free to use. The software is compatible only with Windows devices.


7. OSToto Hotspot

It is one of the best internet-creating applications for many people. The software has an efficient interface and is simple to use. OSToto allows users to manage the devices connected to the internet connection by renaming them. A drawback is that the software does not allow transferring videos and files.

It has a feature to customize the name and password of the connected devices. The installation process of this application is simple. It is available on MAC and Windows devices. The application is free to use and does not include any paid features.


8. Virtual Router

Virtual Router application is different from the other mentioned routers in this list. It is because the software is an open-source application. It means it offers a one-way connection and allows users to modify the connections and tweaks.

The program does not allow any background processes and it requires no installation. The application can be copied to the pen drive and other storage devices. Virtual Router application does not have any paid features. It is available both on Windows and iOS devices.


9. Baidu Wifi Hotspot

The Baidu application is easy to install. The installation process of this software takes less than one minute. It offers six languages to its users like Spanish, Portuguese, and four more. The application is used for sharing and transferring files to other devices connected to the internet connection.

The software also allows users to change the password and name of the internet connection. It is free software and does not include any aid features. Baidu internet hotspot application is available in multiple windows versions.


10. Antamedia

It is one of the best and old internet sharing software. The application is used by big brands like Coca-Cola, Hilton, NASA, Marriott, and many more. Antamedia offers special features along with internet sharing like engaging customers, collecting data, and social login.

The software has a user-friendly interface for beginners and professionals. It is free to use but also contains some paid features. The application supports one-time payment. It is available on Windows and iOS devices.

Thus, here is the complete list of the best ten internet sharing software available on the internet. You can read all the reviews and choose the best application that satisfies your demands.