7 Best Photo Management Software

Photo management software is installed on computers so that it could beautify the photos which are uploaded through the computer. The photo management software provides the photo frames that are best suited for beautifying the photos of several occasions like weddings, family dinners, and several other occasions. 

The most important feature of photo management software is that no two photo management software have the same filters and features. If we go through the features of the photo management software, it makes it easier for us to choose the photo management tool that matches our needs. 

Among all the software that are available some are classic which offer retro looks to the photos, while the others produce equally mesmerizing effects. Most of the photo frames come with predefined photo frames that you can edit photos with. There are also categories of photo frames that are only available when you opt for up-gradation through payments.

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In this article, we have listed the best photo management software for editing photos on computers.

SoftwareEditor RatingsDownload Link
AKVIS Frames★ ★ ★ ★ ★Download Now
Photo-Bonny Image Editor★ ★ ★ ★ ★Download Now
Picture Frame Wizard★ ★ ★ ★ Download Now
GoodFrame★ ★ ★ ★ Download Now
Virtual Studio Application★ ★ ★ ★ Download Now
Skylum Luminar★ ★ ★ Download Now
DxO PhotoLab 4★ ★ ★ Download Now
List of Photo Management Software

Here are these 7 photo management software with features and download links:

AKVIS Frames photo management software
AKVIS Frames photo management software

This photo management software is free to use. The interface to use this software is the simplest of all the photo management software that are available in the market. The clean and easy workspace of this software lets you focus on what’s important — your image. You will also find drop-down menus for making quick adjustments, adding keywords to your images, and more. The software is available to use with all the Windows versions and Mac. It is available for free to use and the premium pricing ranges from $49 to $89.

Pros of AKVIS Frames:

  • The software features an in-built pack of photo frames. There are also ten other in-built frames in this software
  • This application also has a photo frame manager. It also includes names of different photo frame packages. These packages are available for purchase. There are also other paid features.
  • The software has a feature that supports formats from different images from popular companies like Kodak, Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Olympus, and many more.

Cons of AKVIS Frames:

  • It sometimes fails due to speed up the system due to the background operations.

Photo-Bonny Image Editor photo management software
Photo-Bonny Image Editor photo management software

There are different photo frames namely pink heart, marble, bonny, love with which the photos can be edited. With this software, you can manipulate your photos with lens correction, split toning, effects, and other basic adjustments. This software is more than just a photo editor. It’s a photo organizer, too. The software has an interface that is easy to use. It is available for usage on all the Windows versions but is not available for MAC users. This software is another photo frame that is available free for use.

Pros of Photo-Bonny Image Editor:

  • The software contains 39 different photo frames. It does not have any paid features.
  • Also available in this application are different stickers that can be added to the frames.
  • Some frames could be added to the software and these frames could be added to the software and adding them is also very easy.

Cons of Photo-Bonny Image Editor:

  • The speed of the download of new frames is not fast enough as many people have noticed.

This software reduces the height of the images so that they can easily fit into photo frames. It has a special tab for editing the height and the width of the images. This software has a specific feature of face detection for photo organization. The software also has fixing and blurring tools it is free to use and does not contain any paid features. The Picture Frame Wizard is one of the software that is compatible with windows and cannot be used on any other platforms. 

Pros of Picture Frame Wizard:

  • The software has 150 cool frames that can be added to the photos.
  • There are some special features like saturation, brightness, contrast and many other things that can be done with this software.

Cons of Picture Frame Wizard:

  • This application does not have any backup or restore features.
  • It does not offer any scanning features.

Picture Frame Wizard photo management software
Picture Frame Wizard photo management software

This photo management software does not allow you to add logos, watermarks, signatures and frames to the photos. GoodFrame has one of the most expansive photo editors on the market. These preset make it easier than ever to achieve a specific look in your photos. It is free to use and does not contain any paid features. This software is available for use in Windows and MAC Platforms.

Pros of GoodFrame:

  • This software has an application called source which can perform multiple tasks.
  • The five different frames that are available for use in this software are white, black, rounded pink, black and white, and rounded transparent blue.
  • It allows users to change frames, thickness, frame color and also helps you to select the opacity of the frames.

Cons of GoodFrame:

  • The software does not offer more tools to fix and optimize the whole system.

Virtual Studio Application photo management software
Virtual Studio Application photo management software

One of the best photo editing management software is the Virtual Studio Application. This application keeps a track of your photo edits in a drop-down labeled History. That way, you can easily scroll back through your image edits, make changes and review your edits before saving them in a custom preset. The application is free to use and does not need to subscribe to any paid membership. The software is available only on Windows and not on any other platforms.

Pros of Virtual Studio Application:

  • Other than the basic features of adding photo frames. It also has other features like photo filters, color enhancers, photo exposure and photo enhancer.
  • There is also a feature of adding matte colors to the images to enhance their looks.

Cons of Virtual Studio Application:

  • The software does not support 64- bit windows. 
  • It also does not offer scan schedule features.

Skylum Luminar photo management software
Skylum Luminar photo management software

This photo management software has become one of the most popular photo editing applications in a very short period of time. One has to pay a one-time fee for the program rather than a monthly subscription like Adobe. Besides, Luminar offers thousands of built-in tools and accessories. Skylum Luminar can be used in both Mac and Windows. It has a one-time subscription fee i.e. $69 and there is a thirty-day free trial available as well.

Pros of Skylum Luminar:

  • This application uses the same keyboard shortcuts that Adobe does
  • It has a feature of uploading the images to the Luminar Library so that all of the photo editing jobs are centralized in one place.

Cons of Skylum Luminar:

  • The change of the Luminar intensity and fine-tune is a little time-consuming.
  • The editing solutions are a bit complicated to use.

DxO PhotoLab 4 photo management software
DxO PhotoLab 4 photo management software

This application is very well known for being a solid alternative photo editor. This photo management software has an in-built editing and organizing system. It also comes with customizable interface options, presets, color protection and multiple export formats. These features enable you to store all your tasks in one place. Of course, those are the best benefits that come alongside a host of interesting and helpful features.

This software does great with both Mac users and Windows. If you are liking the sound of this photo management software you are entitled to a free day sign-up after which you can go for an annual subscription. There is only a one-time fee that ranges from $129 to $149 and also free trial available.

Pros of DxO PhotoLab 4:

  • U Point local adjustment technology
  • Manual and automatic mode
  • Customized profiles
  • A multitude of optical corrections

Cons of DxO PhotoLab 4:

  • Once you get into the software’s workspace you might find yourself a little confused with the functioning.
  • The use of editing tools can be hard to operate if you are not a professional photo editor.

The software that has been discussed above beautifies the photographs. The features are essential for adding photo frames to the images. There are also other features in each of the applications like adding borders, frames and many other effects and filters. All the software is known for being user-friendly for all its users, making editing easier. Therefore, install the best photo management software which can beautify the photos according to your needs and the best part of most of these software is that they come free of cost or at a very low price.