10 Best Pest Control Software used by Pest Control Companies

We’ve reviewed and rated the best pest control software’s.

Terrified of the moths and rodents at your home space? Are your children scared of the vermin? The solution to all these problems is pest control. Some of the vermin removed through pest control are cockroaches, termites, bed bugs, poisonous spiders and a lot more. Not only do these pests bring in serious health issues but also damage one’s property. Pests are destructive in nature and hamper human activity. This is the reason people want to get rid of them as soon as pests are seen in household or business premises. Even in agricultural activities pests cause a lot of destruction by damaging crops and grains which are the basic source of livelihood for farmers.

Therefore, a plan of action is needed as soon as possible pests are seen anywhere so that they do not cause destruction which leads to loss of life or livelihood.

Ways to get rid of pests

As we now know what are actually pests but it totally depends upon the place where these pests are so that they can be removed, some ways by which these deadly pests can be removed are enlisted below: –

  • Setting baits and traps – Mostly these creatures are attracted towards food, if you are trying to get rid of them then simply set bait in the form of food. Also, every creature has its own way of being trapped to which some research must be done before setting baits. In the case of mice glue boards work the best, bucket traps for beetles, CO² traps for bed bugs, flypaper or ribbons for fly bugs.
  • Chemicals and insecticides – Any chemicals and insecticides are available in the market to use on your own depending upon the pests you are dealing with. Normally these are some spray bottles which can be sprayed across the place where the pests are. Also, one must be careful while using them as they have a few health hazards and must not be used while children are being exposed to them.

With having a basic knowledge about what pests are and the home remedies to deal with them let’s look forward to what are the software for pest control businesses.

Sounds interesting right? Software to control pests? Might seem that to a lot of people but the reality is these software’s are basically used to sum up the invoices and billing records for customers makes the process of inventory count easier, helps in account management and a lot more.

These software are designed to be used by pest controlling companies and their employees. It assists the company with general working tasks such as providing quotes and estimates to customers and also provides industry specific features such as tracking pesticide use and the pest activity itself. The fundamentals of these software’s are to have a customised base for companies that need a track of their activities particular to their customers.

What are the features we looked to find the fantastic software used by Pest Control Services?

Majorly all of the software companies have common features of invoicing and payment, also it includes appointment scheduling and various customer relation management functions. Also, some of it keeps a log of rodent activities and the pesticides they use. Some of the most common features found in every software are listed below.

  • Billing and invoice – As a basic feature in all accounting software’s it has the same where all the accounting information of the customers are pinned in while minimizing any human error.
  • Appointment scheduling – it shall help in booking and scheduling appointments and keep a track of it so that the company is on a constant watch for its customers to have direct contact with them as per the assigned time slots.
  • Customer information storage – it helps store information of its customers through its CRM function which helps the company to store and retrieve customer information for later use.
  • Pesticide usage tracking – keeping a track record of pesticide use and its inventory is also crucial to the company. This information is crucial while scheduling customer appointments.
  • Pest activity tracking – also acts as a log book to record the activity of pests in a particular area which helps the company to do a routine check upon them for their effective removal.

All these features also act upon as the benefits of the pest control software in way of 2 tiers-

  • In way of basic business automation where the company keeps a track record of all the customer information, schedules appointments, estimates quotes.
  • Advanced automated functionality leads to recording data related to pest activity, chemical use by companies, and also helps in identifying pests that need to be targeted.

Comparision between Best Pest Control Softwares

Pest Control SoftwarePriceDownload Link
Gorilla Desk Pest Control SoftwareFree TrialDownload Now
Service titan$145Download Now
Housecall pro$109Download Now
Service Autopilot$47Download Now
JobberFree TrialDownload Now
Pest PacFree TrialDownload Now
Field routes$199Download Now
Brio stackFree TrialDownload Now
List of software used by Pest controlers

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8 Fantastic Software’s used by Pest Control Services:

With a brief overview of pest control software, we shall have a look at the software with respect to its ranking which are as follows:

1. Gorilla Desk – Best Pest Control Software

Gorilla Desk Best Pest Control Software
Gorilla Desk Best Pest Control Software

Gorilla Pest Control Software Company was Founded in 2013 with its primary operations in the pest control industry with its features to track its pesticide use and ensure a prime client relation management system. Gorilla desk is the utmost choice for pest control software. With its Gorilla Desk pest control software price starts from $49 and a 14-day free trial. It has the following features. Gorilla Desk is considered as top pest control software company.


2. Service titan

Service titan
Service titan

Service titan is a leader in service management software though it was not primarily not designed to serve pest control but with upgrades it serves a wholesome package in the field of pest control management. Pest control software Service Titan prices starts from $145. Service Titan also helps as pest control routing software.


  • Automated scheduling
  • GPS route optimization
  • Payroll and employee scheduling
  • Quotes invoice and payment processing
  • Chemical management ant tracking

3. Housecall pro

Housecall pro
Housecall pro

Housecall pro is a leading service providers in the field of software it provides a wide variety of business management features. Though it lacks a couple of features which are important for pest control. Pest control software Housecall pro prices starts from $ 49 per month with an upgrade fee of $ 109 per month.


  • Integrates with quick books
  • Operates on IOS/ Android
  • Technician tracking
  • Electronic signatures abled
  • Efficient fleet management

4. Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot
Service Autopilot

Service Autopilot pest control software makes the business run efficiently and effectively. It automates customer interaction, billing and crew management and saves time of excessive paperwork. Service Autopilot can be a top pest control software for small business. It gives access to a wide range of features and tools. Possibly the best choice in the field of pest control software. Service Autopilot pest control software price starts from $ 47 with a one-time signup fee of $97.


  • IOS/android compatible
  • Includes payment and invoice option
  • Equipped with marketing tools
  • Multiple payment plans

5. Jobber


Jobber pest control software serves as an overall package with loaded features which helps you manage your pest control business efficiently. Planning to start Pest control Business, then Jobber is one of the best pest control software for small business. It allows you to estimate quotes, process payments, optimize routes and schedule appointments. It has a 14-day trial and a 24-hour customer support and Jobber pest control software price starts from $29 per month with an annual contract.


  • IOS/android compatible
  • Quote generation
  • 24-hour support
  • Route optimisation and GPS tracking

6. Pest Pac

Pest Pac
Pest Pac

Work wave being the parent company offers pest Pac as a contribution to the field of pest control management. It is good for both small and large enterprises that serve commercial and multi-unit buildings.


  • Web based browser access
  • Pest activity tracking
  • Chemical tracking
  • Paperless billing

7. Field routes

Field routes
Field routes

Once known as pest routes but changed its name when entered into different fields, it helps the pest control business run smoothly. It claims a 12% increase in productivity and a reduction in cost by 30%. Starts at $ 199 per month.


  • Cloud based browser access
  • CRM and customer analytics
  • Estimates billing and invoicing

8. Brio stack

Brio stack
Brio stack

Designed by pest control technicians, helps the companies keep a close contact with its customers. It has the ability to record automated calls and emails. It even updates customers of its services.


  • IOS/Android abled
  • Automated routing and billing
  • Automated phone notifications


With the emerging trend of pest control software, it deals with estimating quotes, scheduling client calls, tracking pest activity, tracking chemical records. These software’s are a great choice for business houses to keep record of their business and keep the customer updated of their activities and help them eliminate pests from household and business houses. The software helps in cost cutting and efficient management of the business. Indeed, these software’s are a great choice to choose from.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the top pest control software

Gorilla desk is the top choice and emerging pest control software of being cost efficient and service titan is the most reliable.

Pest control software price starts from which range?

With whatever features the software provides it ranges from $30 to $200 per month. It even offers a wide variety of features depending upon the price.

Are there free options for pest control software?

Yes, almost all companies offer free trials.

How profitable is a pest control business?

Pest control business is highly profitable and can generate huge profits in a year.