10 Best Free Data Entry Software

List of top free data entry software

Data entry software help in automatic data entries for businesses. It transforms the ancient, time-consuming and hectic job of manual data entries into an automated efficient data entry procedure. As a result, it helps in saving an immense amount of time and energy which the workers can utilize for other productive purposes. 

Data management is prominently essential for every business. And in such cases, the digital method of data management makes the business procedures more efficient than the manual method of data entry.

Additionally, free software for data entries benefits businesses in reducing their initial costs. Moreover, free data entry software is in high demand for its innumerable benefits. 

10 of the best free data entry software are as follows-

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Free Data Entry SoftwareDownload Link
MoreAppDownload Now
iAuditorDownload Now
FormToolsDownload Now
TypeFormDownload Now
GADSDownload Now
DocparserDownload Docparser
WufooDownload Wufoo
Zoho FormsDownload Zoho Forms
Kamisha SoftDownload Kamisha Soft
Free data entry software

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5 Fantastic Free data entry software

10 of the best free data entry software are as follows-

1. MoreApp


MoreApp is data entry software that helps in saving immense time and makes the business process highly efficient. The software is free and online that builds digital forms adeptly. The digital reports, work orders and supervision make the software work proficiently. Thus, saving considerable amounts of time and patience.

The software is reliable, intuitive and easily accessible. It allows effortless integration of tools, changing the colors and logos according to the choice of the users. MoreApp has a large variety of widgets and includes API access. Therefore, users can easily manage their data, perform branding, integration and build digitized forms with the help of the free MoreApp online software. The starting price is €35 per month and it is accessible on Android and iOS.

2. iAuditor


iAuditor is a free data entry software that is easily accessible in the form of an app. It provides the facilities of creating custom templates, scanning pre-existing documents and the option of choosing from over 100k available templates. The software allows choosing and organizing the questions that need responses.

Thus, making tasks efficient and easy. It is accessible on online or offline platforms. iAuditor offers the facility of sharing the templates with the workforce which makes the work procedures orderly and systematic.

Thus, iAuditor with its several beneficial features becomes one of the best free software for data entry. Its pricing starts from $19 per month and is accessible in Windows, Android and iOS platforms.

3. FormTools


FormTools is an online software for data entry that is free. The users need not have any prior knowledge of programming to handle the FormTools software. The software provides a module for data visualization which makes the process of exporting data effortless and easy. One can use this particular feature in different applications as and when necessary.

FormTools is a form builder and data builder which has its specification in data visualization. It includes data management, custom field and customizable user accounts. It is available on the Web app platform.

4. TypeForm


TypeForm is software that consists of multifaceted tools for data collection. This makes the work processes fun and attractive. The software is free to gather 100 responses every month and provides the beneficial feature of free trials.

It is open-source software that has high ratings for value for money. It offers different plans that include the Free Plan, Essential Plan, Professional Plan and Premium Plan. The starting price for paid plans is $35 per month. It is accessible on Windows and Mac. It provides access in two languages that include English and Spanish. Lastly, it serves different countries that include India, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, China, Canada, Germany, Japan and Australia



GADS is a data entry software that is free and open source. It stands for Generating Availability Data System). The software assists in accumulating and reporting GADS performance data. It helps in working with the event data in standardized data formats. It is popular among many companies. This software offers assistance in many decision-making processes that includes equipment availability analyses.

The languages which it facilitates are English and Spanish. Its services include data duplication, transfer, retrieval and entry verification. It specifies separation, classification and variation detection. But the collection and reporting of validated data is the aspect of its primary assistance. 

Free and one-time payment pricing models available, all the web-based devices supported. Online ticking and email are the options available to get any support.

6. Docparser


Docparser is a free and online data entry software that is ideal for small businesses. It offers the facility of automating business procedures which makes it proficient and efficient. The software extracts data from a variety of documents that include notes, payrolls, price lists, invoices and others. It provides effective tools for data extraction that automates the workflow based on documents.

Docparser delivers powerful integrations, uninterrupted data automation and data cleansing services. It offers the facilities of unstructured data extraction conversion of purchase orders, sales orders and standardized contracts.

Its other specifications include processing of fillable PDF forms, invoices and shipping delivery notes. Its pricing starts from $39.00 and offers a free trial. It is accessible on iPhone, iPad, Windows and Mac.


Ckan Free Data Entry software
Ckan Free Data Entry software

CKAN is the best open source and free software for data entry purposes among others. This software promises an effective and efficient data management system to its users. The tools that it provides are of superior quality and helps in the simplification of various tasks. These tasks include sharing, publishing and data employment.

CKAN facilitates in making the data easily available for the clients. The software has a powerful API that is RPC-style and involves the functionality of federate-harvesting.

The other specifications include data stores, extending guide and file store. It is geospatial, consists of the search and discovery feature.

8. Wufoo


Wufoo provides free services up to 100 entries, 10 fields, 3 reports and 3 forms. All types of businesses can use this software for making contact forms, invitations and surveys online. Wufoo is from SurveyMonkey and many popular businesses rely on it.

Some of them are Amazon and Disney. Its interface is prize-worthy and consists of innumerable templates with customization facilities. The advanced plans of this software begin from the monthly plan of $19. It is accessible on iPhone, Android, Windows and Mac.

9. Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms
Zoho Forms

The free service of Zoho Forms includes single user, 3 Forms and 50 monthly submissions. It is an online all-purpose form creator that includes the facilities of drag-and-drop and no coding. It offers innumerable customization facilities and supports mobile browsers.

The software allows easy integration with Zoho products, apps of Google and Salesforce. Apart from the free plan, the software provides Basic, Standard, Professionals and Premium plan options.

The starting prices include $12 per month and the software is accessible in Windows, Mac, android and iOS platforms.

10. Kamisha Soft


Kamisha Soft does not require the users to have prior programming skills. It is an online and free data entry software ideal for businesses of all sizes. It provides the facility to incorporate innumerable folders and uses data archives to perform efficient data entry functions.

Lastly, the software provides a data automation facility and merged it with a word template, MS Word and report. The starting price of it is $30 and is available in Mac and Windows.


Data management is a significant aspect of every business. The free software in this list can assist any business in organizing their data adeptly and effectively. Go through the article and understand about each software that will help you to choose one best according to your business needs.