10 Best Scanning Software for documents and photos

Best scanning software should be able to digitize documents, photos with easy and fast process.

These years are the witness of rapid development and digitization of every platform. Every little job has found its digital platform. Similarly, the tedious job of manual scanning has lost its need. It is the era of software scanners that eliminate all inefficiency and exhaustion.

The work of the best document scanner software is to ease the task of indexing and scanning various documents to a system of content management. This software facilitates the saving of time and energy. Multiple software does not require payments. While some software include paid features. Additionally, the different features that different software provides help in making the documents more presentable and understandable than before.

The process of digitization has caused the importance of software scanners to rise. There are several scanning software but the best scanning software which can offer diverse features. You must make yourself aware of the various types of software and the different services they provide. And, choose the best among the rest for your work.

As per IBEST.SOFTWARE testing, we found Adobe Acrobat DC is best software to scan document and photos. Still we have listed 10 document scanning software to ease your work of searching for the optimum scanning software:

  1. Adobe Acrobat DC
  2. VueScan
  3. CamScanner
  4. ABBYY FineReader
  5. FileHold
  6. PaperScan Software
  7. Readiris
  8. ScanSpeeder
  9. SimpleIndex
  10. NAPS2

Adobe acrobat DC is user-friendly software with many features. Main features of Adobe are listed below:

  1. Convert scanned file– If you wish to convert scanned file, Adobe have almost all conversions available inbuilt.
    • Convert JPG, TIFF, PNG to PDF and vise-versa
    • Convert PDF to Word, Excel, Powerpoint and Vise-versa.
    • Convert HTML to PDF
  2. Edit Scanned Documents: With the help of Adobe Acrobat you can edit scanned photos and documents.
    • Edit scanned text or image.
    • You can add comments or hightlight important text on scanned document.
    • Recognizable Text : Edit with Optical Character Recogniztion(OCR).
    • You can combine, rotate, reorder, delete, insert, split or crop pages of scanned document.
  3. Share the scanned document:
    • You can compress and share directly through email or other options.
    • Easy to protect PDF with password. This feature helps to protect copying, editing or priniting the documents.
    • Simple to compare the similar scanned documents.
  4. Sign the document or photo:
    • Request Signatures: You can send invoice or document to others for signing.
    • You can prepare a form to be filled up.
  5. Adobe Cloud: You can access scanned documents from any device through Adobe Cloud and even give permissions to others for viewing and editing.
SoftwareFeaturesEditors ratingPriceLink
1. Adobe Acrobat DCMost used software.
Allows viewing, editing, printing.
Can save in Cloud.
★ ★ ★ ★ ★$25Link
2. VueScanScan PDF in multiple-page format.
Can scan negatives
★ ★ ★ ★ ★$49.95Link
3. CamScannerHave fast-working OCR.
Convert documents into JPG and PDF
★ ★ ★ ★ ★$4.99Link
4. ABBYY FineReaderSchedule automation of the scanning process.
Supports Linux, Windows and MAC devices.
★ ★ ★ ★ TrialLink
5. FileHoldCan capture text from scanned documents.
Supports Android and IOS devices.
★ ★ ★ ★TrialLink
6. PaperScanAskew helps auto optimisation and rotation.
Supports 190 languages.
★ ★ ★ ★TrialLink
7. ReadirisScanned file conversion to JPEG, TIFF, PDF, PNG.
Can access scanned file from Cloud.
★ ★ ★$49Link
8. ScanSpeederScan multiple documents simultaneously.
Can scan negatives and slides.
★ ★ ★TrialLink
9. SimpleIndexEasy to use
Charges w.r.t. different factors like duration of scanning.
★ ★ ★ $500Link
10. NAPS2Free online tool.
Support 1000 languages.
★ ★ ★FreeLink
Comparision between Best scanning software for Windows

Adobe Acrobat DC is best scanning software for documents and photos which allows viewing, editing, printing and commenting on all formats of pdf. The software offers accessibility through any computer or mobiles because it has its integration with the Adobe Document Cloud. This software requires macOS version 10.13 or later and Windows 7,8,10 to operate. It allows you to collaborate with numerous users. 

Additionally, Adobe Acrobat DC provides you with various types of editing tools and features to elevate the quality of your documents. The minimum pricing for this software is $25 per month and $108 per year. 

Adobe - Best scanning software
Adobe – Document scanning software

VueScan is an second best scanning software that provides its services free of cost. It offers access to computer OS, iOS and Linux. The essential features of this software include automatic recognition of colours, scanning pdf in multiple-page format and the ability to scan negatives. 

Additionally, VueScan improves the quality of the documents. This is because its hardware helps it in removing scratches and dust from the scanned documents. The initial cost involves the Standard edition with $49.95.

Vuescan - Document scanning software
Vuescan – Document scanning software

Price: $49.95

Compatible: Windows/MAC

As CamScanner is the first choice for mobile scanning similarly it is the second best scanning software have fast-working OCR. It allows the conversion of documents into JPG and PDF. CamScanner is popular for its motility and it includes the features of auto-detecting images. Its list of usefulness increases because of its ability to wireless print and enhance images automatically. 

It enables the elimination of background components and combining scanned images. It permits the use of GUI easily and storage of files in cloud storage. It enables efficient sharing and syncing of documents.

The Basic plan of this software is free of cost and the minimum payment is for the Premium plan of $4.99 per month. This software runs on Android, Windows, Mac OS X and iOS platforms.

Canscanner- Document scanning software

Price: $4.99

Compatible: Windows/MAC

The leading publishing companies from all across the world consider ABBY FineReader as the best scanning software among the rest. Its new edition is FineReader14 which makes it a booming scanning software. 

The highly potential tools of this software make scanning easy and less time-consuming. It is accessible in Windows, Linux and Mac. Hot Folder tools enable scheduled automation of the scanning process. Users can choose the format of saving their documents. 

This software ensures intuitive GUI, OCR features and accurate scanning of documents. It offers a free trial for 30 days and the minimum payment plan includes $199 for the Standard version.

ABBYY FineReader - Document scanning software
ABBYY FineReader – Document scanning software

Price: $199

Compatible: Windows/Linux/MAC

FileHold is the one of the best scanning software that assists you to organize your documents and store them safely. The software has high-quality tools for scanning and features for capturing texts. It offers a free trial to its users to allow them to discover and explore its numerous efficient features. 

An estimate of its two plans includes- Express and Enterprise. Express charges $1000 per year for 5 users. The Enterprise plan charges $18 per month per user and allows up to 20 users. This software is an optimal choice for corporate and hi-tech companies because they have a consistent workflow. 

This software is compatible with Apple iOS devices, androids and devices supporting HTML5 browsers.

Filehold - Document scanning software
Filehold – Document scanning software

Price: $18/month/per user

Compatible: Windows/MAC

PaperScan Software is the software that is convenient to use. It optimizes images automatically and the Askew feature can rotate them automatically. It is compatible with iPad, Windows, Android, iPhone and supports up to 190 languages. It offers a free trial to its users and a lifetime license. 

The minimum cost for paid features starts from $79 which is the Home edition. It supports duplex scanning and file formats of JPEG, TIFF, PDF, and PNG.

PaperScan Software - Document scanning software
PaperScan Software – Document scanning software

Price: $79

Compatible: Windows/MAC

Readiris is a user-friendly and simple & to-use scanning software that has to scan an easy task. Its amiable tools and intuitive GUI tools allow the conversion of documents into all types of files. 

The software allows resizing and compressing the size of documents. It is adaptable in Windows 7, 8 and 10 versions. It is accessible on iOS and the Readiris17 has to access on Mac.

The minimum cost that this software involves is $49, which is the cost of Readiris PDF 17.

Readiris - Document scanning software
Readiris – Document scanning software

Price: $49

Compatible: Windows/MAC

ScanSpeeder is software with innumerable unique features. It allows scanning multiple documents simultaneously and storing them as separate images. It allows scanning negatives and slides, and adjusting the image colours. It permits the users to comment on the back of the photos to ensure they pertain to the user memory.

This software allows free trial and the minimum cost that they involve is $29.95 per year in the Standard Edition.

Scanspeeder - Document scanning software

Price: $29.95

Compatible: Windows/MAC

The name of SimpleIndex describes the nature of this software. It is easy to use. It is an ideal option for the users who take into account the factors of cost of training, pricing and duration of scanning. It offers a free trial and its minimum price for paid plans includes a Workstation plan for $500. This software is compatible with the Windows platform only.

SimpleIndex - Document scanning software
SimpleIndex – Document scanning software

Price: $500

Compatible: Windows/MAC

This software has an interesting name which expands to form ‘Not Another PDF Scanner2 (NAPS2)’. It includes a one-click scanning process, zero ads, intuitive GUI and image auto-rotation. The OCR tools offer support to over 1000 languages and the software WIA, TWAIN integration. 

This software is accessible on Windows but not on Mac. However, users can download NAPS2 free of cost and use it with any pricing requirements.

NAPS 2 - Document scanning software

Price: Free

Compatible: Windows 10/8/7

Yes, you can use windows 10 inbuilt tool to scan directly to PDF, JPEG, TIFF, PNG formats.

  1. You can open printer menu.
  2. Click Start,
  3. Type: devices and printer then hit Enter.
  4. Right-click your scanner or printer, then click Start Scan.
  5. Now you can select PDF format or any other format you wish.
  1. What is the best software for scanning documents?

    Here’s a list of the 10 best document scanning software to ease your work of searching for the optimum scanning software:
    Adobe Acrobat DC
    ABBYY FineReader
    PaperScan Software

  2. What is the best free scanning software?

    As per author, HP Scan best free software for document scanning, but if you wish to have more advanced features as mentioned above, then Adobe Acrobat DC is best paid software for document and photo scanning.

  3. Does Windows 10 come with scanning software?

    Yes, Windows 10 comes with its own scan utility, which you can access from the printer context menu. Click Start, type: devices and printer then hit Enter. Right-click your scanner or printer, then click Start Scan. Microsoft released a modern universal app you can download from the Windows Store called Windows Scan.

  4. How do I scan thousands of a document?

    To scan thousands of documents, you need to use a scanner with an Automatic Document Feeder. A document feeder have paper tray which automatically take single page individually and scans it one by one. You can have options to save every scanned document in one file or in different files as well.

Hence, I recommend Adobe acrobat as the best scanning software for document and photos as scanning is a part of the everyday job in the present day. Every software promises you to make your scanning task easy and fast. But, the software in the above list truly makes your task efficient and convenient.

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