Top 10 Laser Engraver Software

Laser engraver software are the programs which all CNC operators to design digital image and then engrave it on metal. Laser engraving seems to be quite a delicate process. It uses a concentrated beam of laser ray cutting or engraving on the surface of complex materials. Although it might appear a not-so-difficult job to accomplish, it requires a highly efficient laser machine along with an array of suitable Laser engraver software.

With the correct laser engraving software, laser engraving is smooth, and you can make most of your laser machine using the appropriate tools provided by it. There are many open source laser engraving software available, but before selecting you have to find pro’s and con’s of each laser cutter software.

As you are bound to work with vector shapes and graphics, your machine must be obedient enough to follow the subtly defined lines, curves, points for utmost perfection. For best results, some specific laser engraving programs must be handy.

Here we are recommending ten such software to help you realize your laser engraving ideas smoothly. So, here is the list of best software for laser engraving.

1. Inkscape


Whether you want to display your creativity with a new design or you are not in the mood to get go of the existing structure, Inkscape is going to be your best buddy. 


● The bright and easy user interface will save a lot of your valuable time. 

● Flexible tools for drawing and great text tools

● Compatibility to broad file formats.


● Poor handling of docker panels.

2. Solid Works

When it comes to 3D laser engraving software, to create 3D models using sketches, Solid Works is your best bet. The seamless act of converting a 2D model into a 3D model is quite an easy task with this software under your belt. It comes with tons of user-friendly tools that aid in getting neat and ultra-smooth outcomes. If you are not a pro at using laser engraving software, you may go through a trial run at first. Overall, it is pretty decent software for your product design. It is also popular among architectural engineers to carve out a plan for their architectural purposes.


● User friendly

● Maintains neatness in a design

● Good for architectural purposes


● Unable to export SVG files

● Analysis tools are limited

3. Adobe Illustrator

It is intelligent software for your vector graphics needs. It offers some of the most multifaceted tools that allow you to either team up with other software or work as a standalone laser engraver. Adobe Illustrator focuses on aesthetics, and once you are done with playing around with all the tools, you realize it is the software you were waiting for your fundamental laser engraving requirements.


● Versatile software for vector-based designs

● The file exporting facilities


● Barely any design tutorials 

● Occupies a lot of disk space

4. LaserGRBL

LaserGBRL is extremely useful and popular among beginners at the beginner’s phase, passionate about learning laser engraving from the core. It is more for the zealous learners and less for the professionals. This software is equipped with a jogging feature that positions the laser head manually and controls the size and speed at each step. It also allows you to work with raster images and loads any images, clipart, drawings, and converts them into G-code without pairing with second software. 


● Open-source software

● Works with raster images


● Lacks professional engraving tools

5. Light Burn

First of all, Light burn software is used on different mediums. Whether to edit or control your laser engraver, Light burn is the one-step solution with its smooth layout facilities. Importing different sorts of artwork with this software makes it popular among laser engraving and cutting experts. Create new images of different shapes and sizes; edit old designs with their advantageous and impressive features. It also comes with a news section that updates you on its latest developments and software glitches.



● Works excellent with several platforms like Windows, Linux, Mac, etc

● Edits old designs seamlessly

● Supports G-Code, Top wisdom, and other computer languages 


● Often takes time to make changes in designs.

6. LaserWeb4

It is a free laser engraver software to download that works both with your vector and raster files. It is considered as the best open source laser engraving software Cut-rate, pass depth, smoothing, and other related aspects of your engraving are done in an instant with Laserweb4. The option to add extra features and customize your laser engraving machine is what makes it an excellent and flexible laser engraver for working. 



● Free software that works with both vector and raster files.

● Flexible and collaborative software 


● Not suitable for ultra-professional modeling

7. Draft Sight 

This 2D software helps you in getting the image that you always wanted to upload to your machine. The image trace function makes it popular to turn your JPEG, BMP, or PNG images smoothly into vector files.


● Ability to read files from other creators

● Easy to use


● Customization tools need improvements

8. SketchUp

If you are a neat freak when it comes to designs, SketchUp is going to be the most viable option in your search for laser engraving software. Being one of the most user-friendly software, this SketchUp possesses a plethora of tools to help you carve out neat designs sportingly. Exporting SVG files is easier compared to the other engraving software. With access to its additional functionalities, this software is exciting and easy for working with.


● Exporting SVG files is easier compared to other software

● User friendly


● Does not recognize circular shapes and converts them into polygons.

● Takes time for proper positioning of objects

9. TurboCAD

TurboCAD is one of those laser engraving software loaded with tools to remove overlapping arcs and lines to clean up a design, giving it the aesthetics it asks for. Its PDF insert tool is excellent, and it helps you save your favorite vector image as a Vector PDF file. Of course, it makes your laser engraving job simple with its Overkill tolls. 



● Specialized drafting tools

● Smart and easy export facility


● Poor user interface

● Unsatisfactory rendering

10. OnShape

The one feature that makes it an exciting laser engraving software is its compatibility with tablets and smartphones. All you need is a steady and uninterrupted internet connection to try out all the features of this software. This smartphone-enabled software makes it a top favorite among those who prefer to get their 3D modeling done while they are on the go.



● Compatible with smartphones and tablets

● Good for 3D modeling


● Inability to export SVG files

● Functionality is limited

● Always requires internet connection


What type of file is used for laser engraving?

Vector Files, these are special image files to help laser engraver to design. These file formats are accepted for laser engraving :- TIFF, BMP, JPG, DXF, Raster images.

How do you prepare an image for laser engraving?

1. Start with a High-Quality Image.
2. Crop to Perfection.
3. Remove the Background.
4. Convert the Image to Grayscale.
5. Edit Your Photo However You Choose.
6. Sharpen Your Image.
7. Convert and Export

Where can I find laser engraving files?

There are plenty of sites where you can find laser cutting files, free to download.

What is the best photo laser engraving software?

As per our initial research we select, Inkspace as the best photo laser engraving software.


With these mentioned best software for laser engraving, you will be able to get your engraving done according to your individual needs quickly. But, yes, it is always worth doing a thorough check into all the features offered by the software to steer clear of any unnecessary technical glitch while you are on your way to creating your favorite design. To strengthen your grip over laser engraving, you are suggested to try the free software available or grab a free trial of the premium ones.