7 Best Music Maker Software

Music Maker Software used for Making Beats with Multiple Sound Effects. With these Software’s, you can easily enhance your creativity and start making different types of music styles. 

If you’re starting your career as a Music producer or beat Producer then this type of software’s usage can help you to Explore More, Think creatively, and Produce Beats Whatever you want. Because at the initial stage purchasing expensive drum pads & sticks, other Expensive instruments is not a good idea. Using music maker Software, you can start with the basics of producing beats/Music. Because when you know the Basics clearly, you can begin with producing your own Beats.

That’s why we’ve listed the top 7 music-maker Software’s before you invest in expensive instruments. 

So let’s begin with In-depth details of each software and its Features!

Here is the list of 7 best music maker software

1. Magix Music Maker

Magix Music Maker Best Music Maker Software
Magix Music Maker

We have listed this Software at the No.1 position because this is the best software for Beginners. For starting time you can go with Magix music maker. If you want a Simple Interface that anyone can use, then you should try this music making software. You should use this Music maker Software at the Initial stage. This software comes with three subscription options, you can use this for Free or Try two paid plans i.e, Plus – $59 & Premium – $69.99. I suggest you go with a free plan and if you get desired results then you can go with paid plans Also. This is compatible with windows. 

Link: https://www.magix.com/in/music/music-maker/  

Pro(s) of Magic music maker:

● This software Including Sound pools

● Based on Version you get 4-8 Virtual Instruments

● You can Record with the Audio recording Feature in this software

● You get so many effects and Guitar Amp Emulation

Con(s) of Magic music maker: 

● As a Beginner, you try the free version with limited features available

● You get so many VST instruments that confuse you while using

2. Apple Logic Pro: Best Music Maker Software

Apple Logic Pro Best Music Maker SoftwareIf you have a Mac, then one and only the best Music Maker Software for Mac is Apple Logic Pro software for Making Beats. This is the best software we pick from Apple. This is a highly professional software used for making beats. With this software, you can make Amazing Beats/ Music from scratch. This music maker software has an AI algorithm for Virtual drums to produce Beats/ Music smoothly. Its interface is so easy to Use with Amazing Experience with this software you can Make 255 Audio and MIDI Tracks. If you’ve Mac, then it’s a must-have software. It is available at $199.99, also you can get a free trial.

Link: https://www.apple.com/in/logic-pro/ 


● This software offers Auto Sampler Feature

● You can use the Super Stop sequencer

● Drum Synth is Amazing

● This software has a User-friendly Interface


● This software has some third party plug issues

● It has limitations in Quick Sampler

3. Tracktion 7

Tracktion 7 Best Music Maker Software
Tracktion 7

This music maker is a free software that you can prefer because this software has tons of features available. This software can help you to make Beats of your choice. This is Professional software so it’s not easy to use. For the Advance level of Making music then you can try to purchase extra plugins and tools. It works with most operating systems like Mac, Windows, and Linux easily, and also this software has Full VST Support.

Link: https://www.tracktion.com/products/waveform-free 


● This product has a User-friendly Interface

● It has LFO modifiers

● You can use Multiple Browsers

● Support for all operating system like Mac, Windows, and Linux


● This is not for the Heavy Work of making Beats (Crashes Frequently)

● It has a Lack of Drivers for Linux

4. Native Instruments Maschine 2 MK3

Native Instruments Maschine 2 MK3 Best Music Maker Software
Native Instruments Maschine 2 MK3

Maschine is one of the Powerful Music maker or production software. Because it’s a combination of Hardware beat Maker and Software studio tools. This Software and Hardware Combo application is the high Advance level of beat production software. But the cost of this Software is a bit high as its work. This music maker software costs you around $259 – $649 (With 3 different Models) and it is compatible with Mac and Windows.

Link: https://www.native-instruments.com/en/catalog/maschine/production-systems/ 


● This software is an Advance combination of Software and Hardware beat Production

● By using the Drag and drop Feature to export Patterns to DAw

● You get thousands of High Sounds Quality Expansion Pack available

● This is Superfast software with Less use of Keyboard and Mouse


● This is not a Good software for Recording Vocals and Instruments

● If you use Maschine VST mode then you don’t have full access to use hardware and software beat Making Software

5. Studio One 4 Prime by PreSonus

Studio One 4 Prime by PreSonus Best Music Maker Software
Studio One 4 Prime by PreSonus

This music maker is one of the most popular software for beat production because of its Professional FX & Processor Help this software to work at the Advance level. Its interface is User-friendly, with just Drag and drop features to produce Beats. You get 9 Amazing software including a smart browser. The best part is, everything you need to do is Drag and drop in this music maker software. This is Advance level music maker software because of features 9 FX so that you can control free bundles. This software doesn’t support third-party VSTs. It is compatible with Windows and Mac, a free trial of this software is available. 

Link: https://shop.presonus.com/studio-one 


● It’s a Professional DAW Software

● easy to control Free Bundled Loops and Samples

● It allows you professional time-stretching and Automation of Track

● It has Pro- level algorithms


● This software doesn’t allow third-party VSTs and Audio Units (AUs)

● Studio one 4 Prime-only compatible with the 64-bit operating system

6. Splice Sounds

Splice Sounds Best Music Maker Software
Splice Sounds

This is a Well-known VST software for producing Beats. This is an online music maker software you can get for Free. This software comes with multiple types of Sound Effects or you can browse in the splice Sounds music library for more sound effects. Well, this is advanced software so you can do something pretty impressive! You can listen to any other beat and edit yourself by using this software. This software is free to use but also comes with a monthly premium subscription of $7.99 for advanced features. It supports Windows 8.1+ and Mac OS X 10.14.

Link: https://splice.com/features/sounds 


● You can easily edit other producer Beats

● Advanced Cloud backup Recovery in this software

● This interface has fulfilled all need and doesn’t require additional plugins

● Compatible with DAWs


● You need to Pay a Monthly subscription of $7.99

● You can’t download beats after producing without a subscription

● This software doesn’t have Musical typing

7. OrDrumBox

OrDrumBox Best Music Maker Software

This is a Free Music Maker software and after producing beats you can easily download beats. This software has auto-composition that helps you to compose Baseline, Melodic Pattern, and Whole Music. If you’re someone who does lots of experiments and creative thinking then this software is for you. Inside this software library, you can download hundreds of Sound Effects and use them for your beats. 

This music maker software has an amazing feature of Automatic track matching capabilities that quickly mix multiple Tracks based on tempo and Rhythm. Well, you get these amazing features for absolutely free. This software is compatible with Windows and Mac. 

Link: https://www.ordrumbox.com/ 


● It’s completely Free Software

● This software has an auto composition Feature to create songs/beats 

● Its interface is easy to use

● You can Import WAV Files for Extra sound effects


● But it’s an Old Software 

● You get limited sound effects

Conclusion of Music maker Software

I’m sure after reading this article with complete in-depth Details and Features Comparison you’ll find the Best music Maker Software for you. This software is highly recommended by the users and most of them are Free to Use and Some Advance features with Paid plans but I suggest you go with free software at the initial stage.