Best PC Oscilloscope Software

PC Oscilloscope software have their supreme utility in the sphere of designing, working, learning, and diagnosing electronics.  An oscilloscope is an electronic instrument for testing and observing the various changing voltage signals. Generally, they are in the form of a two-dimensional plot that has a single or more than one signal.

Since it deals with electronics, you must know that it holds immense importance for every thinker and maker. And, the convenience of the users amplifies when this type of beneficial instrument is available on the digital platform. To make working with electronics more exciting and accessible, there are several oscilloscope software available. 

Thus, we have enlisted the ten best oscilloscope software below

SoftwareDownload Link
WinscopeDownload Now
ZelscopeDownload Now
VisualAnalyserDownload Now
Real-Time SpectrumDownload Now
Frequency AnalyzerDownload Now
Soundcard OscilloscopeDownload Now
OscilloscopeDownload Now
Digilent’s new Analog Discovery 2Download Now
AUDio MEasurement SystemDownload Now
CobracomDownload Now

Here are these 10 PC Oscilloscope software with features and download links:

1. Winscope-PC-oscilloscope-Software
Winscope PC oscilloscope Software

Winscope is the oscilloscope software that enables users to work with input signals. Its various features are its advantages. It includes FFT Mode, Spectrum Analyzer, and Trace modes. These make the software efficient and effective to use. The interface of Winscope is convenient and straightforward to use. 

The disadvantages include the non-calibrated level of amplitude, comparatively low bandwidth, and it can cause harm to the pc while using an unknown source of the signal. It is available in Linux, Mac, Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10, and Windows Me. This software is available for free and offers free trials.


Pros of Winscope:

  • It allows us to work with input signals.
  • The software is available in every operating system

Cons of Winscope:

  • Low level of bandwidth and amplitude.


The telescope is free oscilloscope software. It has numerous advantages. It has regular oscilloscopes, an efficient, responsive display, and offers control for all scopes. The FFT feature of this software works effectively. However, it has some drawbacks as well. It is not ideal for novice users, does not include a user manual, and has a low-frequency response. It is available in Windows7, 8, 10, Vista, and XP. This software offers a 14-days free trial, and the paid features start from $9.95.

Pros of Zelscope:

  • Responsive display and regular oscilloscope.

Cons of Zelscope:

  • Does not have a free version.
  • Does not offer a user manual.

Visual Analyser
Visual Analyser

VisualAnalyser oscilloscope software is equipped with numerous features that enable it to offer a signal spectra analyzer. The software has a unique user interface, and users can manage zoom factor, plots of X, Y, and ms/d values. The users have the advantage of using numerous filters, measuring values, and managing the spectra. It is available in Windows7, 8, 10, Vista, Linux, and Mac. It is free software..

Pros of VisualAnalyser:

  • Free to use.
  • Unique interface for users.

Cons of VisualAnalyser:

  • DoNot suitable for novice users.

Real Time Spectrum
Real Time Spectrum

This oscilloscope software offers a real-time spectrum for the inputs of the signals. It has the advantage of providing the use of FFT input signal waveforms. Additionally, the users can avail themselves of flexible management over several parameters. These include frame rate and dynamic range. Its drawback consists of the ability of the Swept type to catch only the signals of CW, devoid of any phase information. This software is available for Windows platforms.

Pros of Real-Time Spectrum:

  • Provides FFT input signal.
  • Flexible management of data.

Cons of Real-Time Spectrum:

  • Available only on windows platform.
  • Complicated interface.

Frequency Analyzer
Frequency Analyzer

Frequency Analyzer is an oscilloscope software that uses audio input from the microphone attached to your PC. This software shows the real-time spectrum of signals. Its advantages include the following- the users can use this software to work with audio files in formats of WAV and BMP. The users can change scales and parameters of waveforms flexibly. It is a lightweight software. It’s only drawback is that it does not provide help in documentation. It is free software. It is available for Windows 7 and 10. 

Pros of Frequency Analyzer:

  • Users can change parameters and scales.
  • Lightweight software..

Cons of Frequency Analyzer:

  • Does not have a user-friendly interface.
  • Does not help in documentation.

Soundcard Oscilloscope
Soundcard Oscilloscope

Soundcard Oscilloscope software is a signal generator, has numerous tools and, thus, packed with loads of features. Its features are its advantages. The users can configure the trigger modes. The software has a new user interface that enables the users to record Frequency, amplitude, and time. The software is available in Windows XP, Vista, 2000, 7, and 8. It is free software. Its drawback is that it is available only for Windows.

Pros of Soundcard Oscilloscope:

  • Provides a function to record frequency.
  • Free to use.

Cons of Soundcard Oscilloscope:

  • Not available on iOS devices


Oscilloscope software is a simple software that displays the spectra XY of the signals. The software offers you the ability to see the waveform of files of audio formats. Its advantages include a 3D interface, new input of Stereo Mic, and users can export image sequences. The drawback of this software is that the users are unable to analyze the signals. It is available in Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. 

Pros of Oscilloscope:

  • Available in all operating systems.
  • Allows users to analyze signals.

Cons of Oscilloscope:

  • Does not have a user-friendly interface.

Digilents new Analog Discovery 1
MouseJiggler – Auto Mouse Mover

Digilent’s new Analog Discovery 2 oscilloscope software has the advantage of numerous features. These include waveform generators of integrated 2-channel and 14-arbitrary. Additionally, it consists of a voltmeter, pattern analyzer, and pattern analyzer. It is free software, and its paid features begin at the price of $300. The drawback of this software is that it is available only for Windows.

Pros of Digilent’s new Analog Discovery 2:

  • Offers two system channel features.
  • Contains a voltmeter and analyzer.

Cons of Digilent’s new Analog Discovery 2:

  • Includes paid features..

Audio Measurment System
Audio Measurment System

AUDio MEasurement System is a popular oscilloscope software because of its convenient and straightforward usage method. Its advantages are as follows- it consists of a signal generator, users can adjust the scale parameters, and includes measurement tools for frequency response. Its drawback is that it has only the Win version. This software does not include payments. It is available on all platforms of Windows, Linux, and Mac. 

Pros of AUDiO Measurement System:

  • Available in all OS.
  • Straightforward usage method.

Cons of AUDiO Measurement System:

  • It only contains Win versions.

Cobracom Oscilloscope software
Cobracom Oscilloscope software

It is an efficient oscilloscope software that has immense features. Its advantage is that it is convenient and straightforward to use. Additionally, it consists of the spectrum analyzer, RLC Bridge, and impedance meter. It’s only drawback is that it is available only for the Windows platform.

Pros of Cobracom:

  • User-friendly interface.
  • Contains spectrum analyzer.

Cons of Cobracom:

  • Available only for Windows devices.

Oscilloscopes are potent instruments for the creators and the thinkers. When you get the oscilloscopes handy and in software, working with electronics becomes easy. The given ten software provide you with the best features and benefits to work with electronics in the way you want. 

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