10 Best Translation Software for Business [Free/Paid]

Since our globe is engaging with different people every day and getting more connected to each other, people face different languages every day. It results in the businessman and the travelers seeking out translation tools. They not only look for translation tools but they search for free versions because nowadays, people use translators in quick time.

Technology has resulted in better communication for people compared to the old days. Translation tool has made people’s lives easier. They will not have to think about the languages when they visit other countries. 

People can use the translator tools very easily to convert languages. In this article, we have listed some of the best free translation tools.

  1. GlobalLink : Best enterprise translation software.
  2. Transifex : Fastest Real time translation software.
  3. Memsource : AI-powered translation management system (TMS).
  4. SmartCat : Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  5. Phrase : Support for over 40+ file formats
  6. SDL Trados Studio : Best Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) interface
  7. MemoQ translator pro
  8. Crowdin
  9. WordFast
  10. POEditor

Here is comparison between Top 10 free Translation software that will help you to make the right choice, so here we go:

Comparative Table of top 10 translation software

Here are these 10 translation software for businesses and personal use with features, prices, and download links:

Global Link Best Translation Software
Global Link Best Translation Software

GlobalLink translation management software helps the companies to avoid the barriers between the countries by providing effective language translation service. It allows converting agile terms to get translated to fifty-seven different languages. The software have free trial to use and has enhanced and advanced features apart from translation service.

This application is also available on Windows and MAC devices. This translation software is available for personal and enterprises also. You can Request a Demo directly. In windows, the software is compatible with Windows 10, XP, Vista.

As a best professional translation software for global enterprises it offers easy translations process for websites and software’s. With its most successful feature you can launch winning multilingual websites in less than a month.

There is no requirement of installing or integrating on website servers. Automatically updated capture the source language of website and convert it viewers language.

Transifex translation software
Transifex-Translation Software

Transifex helps entrepreneurs as well as startup companies to globalize with other nations by providing free-to-use translation tools. Their translation tool is SaaS-based and is used for translating web platforms like games, help centers, subtitles, videos, and many more. If you want change voices on videos, live streaming games, refer this article which can help you to find the best voice changer software for videos and streaming’s.

Transifex also has some paid features but on registering, it provides fifteen days of the free trial. This software is available on Android, Windows and even MAC devices. On windows, particularly it is supported on Windows 10, Windows professional, XP, Vista and many more. 

Some of the big business companies rely on this software to translate multilingual languages.

  1. Best Cloud-Based Translation Management System.
  2. Global teams, vendors can communicate directly as translation is automatic.
  3. Works with nearly all devices.
  4. Users can host multilingual files and contents.
  5. Due to in-build Collaboration, product managers, developers, marketers, and translators can work together.
Pricing for Transifex

Memsource is a global translating software that allows global companies to translate languages efficiently. With AI-powered translation management system (TMS), Memsource makes localization process an easy task. This software supports more than five hundred languages, fifty and above file types and thirty and translation machine engines. This software allows customers to translate high-quality web programs at reduced cost with its original state of the art.

Apart from translation service, it also offers documentation, proofreading, CRM and many more. The software is available on Windows, Android and iOS devices. It has a free trial version but for accessing special features, you need to pay money. Notably, it is supported on Mobiles and Windows 10, Professional, XP and many more.

  • Memsource Editor for Web, available on any supported browser;
  • Memsource Editor for Desktop, which syncs with the cloud in real time and supports offline work;
  • Memsource Editor for Mobile, accessible on iOS and Android devices.
Pricing for Memsource

SmartCat is a one-stop translation management software platform for the translator and the businesses. It binds the businesses into a loop with its effective features. The software has network professionals that possess the ability to translate multilingual solutions. It is free to use software and allows multiple people to work together without thinking about license problems.

From freelancers to businesses and others, SmartCat provides quality translation solutions to people. This software is compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices. It also includes some paid features.

SmartCat have services available for three categories : For Organizations, For Language Service Providers and For Freelancers. Best part of SmartCat is they have different pricing for different user category.

Features and Pricing Plans

This software is a localization platform and has effective tools to take the mobile and web translation service to a global platform. This software enables a large number of people to work together and take their translation method through the automation process. The software also allows access management rights that allow big businesses to manage users and projects effectively. 

You can download the phrase software on any device as it is compatible with Windows, Android and Mac platforms. The software does not include any paid feature and is completely free to use.

  1. Fast and reliable import and export of language files.
  2. Versatile API and dedicated CLI tool.
  3. Support for over 40+ file formats with branching functionalities.
  4. Functionality of full automation.
  5. Many plugins can be connected for third party CRM software.
Pricing for Phrase
Trados Business Translation Software
Trados Business Translation Software

SDL Trados Studio is one of the best professional translation software that helps to translate multiple languages and project reviews. This software offers the best machine language translation in one easy desktop application. If you choose Trados Studio as a translation software for managing your works, you will become a member of the largest professional translation community in the world. 

This application is supported in iOS, Android and Windows devices and is free to use software. It does not involve any paid features in it.

  1. Computer Assisted Translation (CAT tools) helps faster turnaround of high volumes of material.
  2. During ongoing translation process, Translation memories (TM) can transfer, update and send translated O/P.
  3. Trados Live helps to work from any location.
  4. With in-built Cloud option, you can control your projects from any device tablet or phone apps.
  5. Enhanced Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) interface.
  6. Connect to third-party machine translation providers.
  7. Fine-tune your verification checks to enhance the quality of your translations.
Pricing for SDL Trados Studio
Memoq best Translation software for PC
Memoq Translation software for PC

MemoQ is a computer-assisted tool for translation that is created by translators for the translator across the world. The software is known for its excellent translation creativity. It has some extensive features that translate faster and easier. It is mostly designed for freelance translators and can transform multilingual languages. 

The software is also available on Android, iOS and Windows devices. The software is free to use and contains some paid features.

memoQ is designed for companies, language service providers, and individual freelancers.

  1. Linguistic Quality Assurance (LQA) helps to maintain high translation quality.
  2. Can export the output in multiple file formats.
  3. Real-time spell checking in multiple languages.
  4. Best in class live translation editor interface.
  5. In-built multiple project templates are available.
  6. With drag and drop easy automation, you can speed up translation process.
  7. LIVEDOCs plugin helps to access projects from any device and location.
  8. High level graphical dashboard helps to take easy decisions related to profits and other aspects of project.
  9. Handle SDL resources – XLIFF, SDL WorldServer XLZ and WSXZ files
  10. InDesign support with preview
Pricing for MemoQ Translator Pro
CrowdWin Translation software for Windows
CrowdWin Translation software for Windows

Crowdin is a localized management system that also offers translation solutions for translators. This application is supported both in mobiles as well as desktops. You can manage websites, games, and app developments, translate multiple languages and make it easy for businesses to globalize with other companies. 

Crowdin software is free to use and does not involve any paid features. It is available in Android, MAC and Windows devices, specifically Windows 10 and professional. It has many advanced and updated features for its users with a user-friendly interface. 

  1. Supports over 40 file formats including json files, csv, properties files.
  2. You can find a translation vendor on Crowdin Marketplace.
  3. Share and collaborate with rest of your team on Crowdin Cloud Support.
  4. Web and app developers can search and edit product source strings.
  5. Integrate Crowdin with your repository, help desk, and other systems.
  6. Can check real time progress and get detailed reports.
Pricing for Crowdin

WordFast helps to save time for the translators. It is the best translation software for PC. It helps to store the translated memory in a database and is easily retrievable at the time of recovery. WordFast works to provide user-friendly software to its users. It is completely free to use and contains some paid features. It has both mobile and desktop versions but the desktop end is highly efficient. It is supported in Android, MAC and Windows versions. 

In windows, specifically, it is available in Windows 10, XP and professional. WordFast software is mostly used by freelance translators.


POEditor provides a localization platform to its users. It is mostly used by businessmen for software translation. The application also allows the translation of multilingual languages. It has powerful automation features to enhance the translation of websites and other software. 

POEditor is an enhanced application that is available in MAC, Android as well as Windows versions. It is free to use and contains some paid features.

What is the best professional translation management system?
  • GlobalLink : Best enterprise translation software.
  • Transifex : Fastest Real time translation software.
  • Memsource : AI-powered translation management system (TMS).
  • SmartCat : Compatible with iOS, Android and Windows devices.
  • Phrase : Support for over 40+ file formats
  • SDL Trados Studio : Best Translation Quality Assessment (TQA) interface
  • MemoQ translator pro
  • Crowdin
  • WordFast
  • POEditor
  • What is the best way to translate a website?

    You can use free tool from Google. If you’re just a visitor then Google Translator or any browser will give you an pop-up to translate the website in your local language automatically.

    What is translation memory software(TMS)?

    Translation memory system is a ability to remember already translated words or sentences and re-use them in given translation project. TMS is latest feature of many translation management software’s.

    What is a cloud based translation management system?

    Cloud based translation management system is used to access defined linguistic settings, guidelines and translation memory system (TMS) to achieve high quality in translation projects.

    There is multiple software available in the market that can be used for translating languages or many other applications. Some are free to use while some contain paid features. Most of them are available on every platform. Thus, to make your task easier, we have listed some of the best translation software above in this article. 

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